Windows for Less Warranty Policy

Windows for Less guarantees to you, the initial buyer, that any window or door produced by Windows for Less is devoid of manufacturing and/or material defects. This guarantee remains valid for ten years from the manufacturing date and is applicable to the property owner where the windows or doors were initially installed.

This warranty specifically covers manufacturing and material defects as outlined herein and excludes defects or damages arising from installation, normal weathering, accidents, fire, flood, acts of God, vandalism, riot or civil disorder, misuse, exposure to harmful fumes, vapors, solvents, chemicals or chemical pollutants in the atmosphere, mildew, building settlement, structural failure of walls or foundations, or stresses resulting from localized heat causing excessive temperature differentials over the glass surface and edges, and any other causes beyond Windows for Less’s control.

Vinyl Frames: Vinyl frames will not significantly rot, rust, crack, warp, pit, corrode, peel, or blister.

Parts and Hardware: Parts and hardware will not break, crack, or fail. Screen: Screen frames will not crack or break, and screen cloth will not rot.

Insulated Glass: Insulated glass will not experience seal failure. The glass will be free from material obstruction inside the units caused by film formation, dust, or moisture within the dead air space.

Wood: Wood used in the construction of bow and bay units may suffer damage due to excessive condensation, leaving windows partially open to outside moisture, aging, caulk failure, improper installation, and various other occurrences. Windows for Less will replace or repair wood only if damage is caused by manufacturing defects of the windows within 18 months of the manufacturing date. Bow and bay units must be installed with a full roof (unless a proper overhang is present) and with adequate support underneath to prevent sagging and ensure squareness. Damages not covered by this warranty due to the absence of roofs or supports will render Windows for Less harmless from any claims.

Labor Costs: For the first year after the manufacturing date, labor costs for replacing/repairing any part supplied by Windows for Less under this warranty will be covered. Labor not performed by Windows for Less will be subject to standard rates. After one year from the manufacturing date, labor costs are not included, and neither Windows for Less nor its distributors or dealers will be responsible for any labor costs associated with removing, replacing, installing, or reinstalling any window, door, or part provided by Windows for Less under this warranty.

Caulking: Caulking used in most window installations is not part of the window and is not covered by this warranty.

Condensation: Condensation or frost on the inside surfaces of insulated glass, windows, or doors does not indicate a defect in the product or its installation and is not covered by this warranty.

Discontinuance: Windows for Less reserves the right to discontinue or modify any part or item used in the construction of its windows and doors. Replacement or warranted parts may also be discontinued or substituted at any time.

Exercise of Warranty: The original purchaser must promptly notify the dealer or distributor of any defect claim. The dealer or distributor will then contact Windows for Less with the necessary information to process the warranty claim. Windows for Less and/or its dealer or distributor must be given a reasonable amount of time to inspect the product. Repair or replacement of the defective part will occur after an inspection or, if impractical, after the original purchaser returns the defective part to Windows for Less. Windows for Less will then ship the repaired part to the original purchaser or the nearest dealer or distributor. The original purchaser is responsible for freight or postage charges. Proof of the original purchase is required before replacing or repairing any parts. The remaining warranty period will apply to the replaced or repaired parts.